Bluewater at Trinity Beach is committed to ensuring a positive social, environmental and economic contribution to the community for present and future generations.

Environmental Sustainability

Historically, Bluewater was a sugar cane farm which was largely devoid of natural vegetation. Sugar cane farming ceased operations on the site just prior to commencement of the Bluewater project.

As a developer of public roads, parks and other infrastructure, Bluewater works alongside Cairns Regional Council and other State Agencies and Departments to implement sustainable practices throughout the project.

Since commencement of the Bluewater project, a significant amount of remediation to the site has occurred to improve the flora, fauna, soil, water quality and human environment. The remediation of Bluewater has sought to reverse the damage caused by historic intensive farming, and includes major soil rehabilitation activities, creek realignments, water quality improvement works, and the planting of thousands of trees throughout Moores Gully.

Bluewater takes a ‘touch the earth lightly’ approach to development wherever possible. This is evident throughout Elysian at Bluewater, where the neighbourhood has been designed with the environment in mind. Over four hectares of rainforest has been protected within Elysian through environmental covenants, and an additional nine hectares (approx.) of open space and rainforest has been retained adjacent to Earl Hill.

Open Spaces

A major part of Bluewater’s environmental commitment is the retention of open space throughout the project. Bluewater has retained over 50 hectares of open space across Moores Gully (25.5ha), Earl Hill (12.5ha), Elysian parks and reserves (8.9ha), Bluewater parks (1.7ha), and environmentally protected areas within Elysian (4.2ha).

Overall, approximately 30% of the project has been planned or dedicated to open space and environmental purposes, ensuring all residents are close to nature.

Bluewater’s Formal Parks

Bluewater has a number of formal parks and recreation spaces throughout the project. From barbecue areas to the Bluewater Park on Navigation Drive, each park is designed to provide residents with a unique experience.

Bluewater’s signature park, the $1.1 million Reserve Park, has a multitude of play spaces, kick about areas and picnic opportunities, The Reserve Park serves as a great addition to the Bluewater Community, adding over 9,000m2 of dedicated green space to Bluewater’s open space network for residents to enjoy.

Moores Gully – Our Green Heart

Moores Gully, Bluewater’s 25 hectare green heart, has been named after the late Frederik Moore. Moores Gully will provide a natural reserve to residents and local fauna alike. Once complete, Moores Gully will be a multi-functional corridor providing passive recreational facilities including cycle and pedestrian path ways.

To date, over 1,500 trees have been planted in Moores Gully, alongside over $15 million in substantial remediation works to ensure the area provides a habitat into the future.

Earl Hill – Our Magnificent Rainforest

Between 2007 and 2008, Bluewater provided over 12.5 hectares of Earl Hill back to Cairns Regional Council to ensure the long-term preservation of this public asset. In 2018, the Queensland State Government purchased the remaining portion of Earl Hill from an adjacent unrelated landowner.

Acoustic Protection

Bluewater’s location adjacent the Captain Cook Highway means that travelling to and from Bluewater is easy. In 2017, Bluewater completed construction of a substantial Acoustic and Environmental Buffer fence along the project’s boundary. The Acoustic and Environmental Buffer has been designed alongside the Department of Transport and Main Roads to shield residents of Trinity Beach from highway noise and light, and incorporates over 1,700 endemic plants which, once mature, will ensure that the Captain Cook Highway is bordered by lush landscaping through Trinity Beach.

Public Transport

Bluewater’s street network has been designed to ensure that public transport is catered for, now and into the future. Existing streets have bus stops incorporated, the dedicated road area of Navigation Drive has been designed to support the longer-term busway network, including future bus superstops outside the existing Bluewater Sales Office.

A Walkable Neighbourhood

Bluewater has been designed with walkability in mind. Whether you are walking to the shops, school, parks or the beach, Bluewater’s street network has been designed to ensure residents can access every convenience on-foot. Bluewater’s unique design ensures that every resident is no more than 400 metres from open space.

Cool and Thoughtful Living

Every house at Bluewater has to pass Bluewater’s design approval process. To residents, this means every house will be of a high quality design, it also means every house must have adequate eaves for shading and passive cooling, ventilation and adequate landscaping to minimise the heat island effect.

Streets at Bluewater are planted with native trees and plants to maximise long-term plant viability, and minimise the heat-island effect. In the long term, Bluewater’s street tree canopy will provide shade to residents and help to cool the neighbourhood.

Economic Sustainability

Since its commencement in the late 90’s, Bluewater has been a significant contributor to the Cairns economy. Bluewater’s GDP contribution into the local economy is further enhanced by our ’employ local and source local’ ethos.

Employing Locally

Bluewater proudly employs local trades, contractors and consultants wherever possible. Bluewater’s engineers, civil contractors, landscape contractors and consultants are all local, and wherever possible local companies and trades are also used.

Sourcing Locally

Bluewater sources local materials when building our community. From our roads to our trees, we ensure that Cairns and North Queensland suppliers are provided preference. Occasionally, items such as stormwater infrastructure pipes are sourced from South East Queensland, where there is no local manufacturing option.

Spend and Work Local

It is important that residents are encouraged to spend locally. To facilitate this, Bluewater has included a future neighbourhood centre within its Masterplan.

The existing Bluewater Tavern also forms part of the Bluewater masterplan. The Tavern provides residents with high quality, waterfront breakfast, lunch and dinner options without having to leave the Bluewater community.

Technology at Bluewater

Since it commenced, Bluewater has been a leader in work-from-home technology. Every house in Bluewater has been provided with high-speed Fibre to the Premises internet, even pre-NBN.


Bluewater engaged Biotropica Australia, environmental consultants who specialise in ecology and tropical ecosystem management, during the development process to conduct a habitat survey of existing wildlife, and in particular the local wallaby population. From this, a Wallaby Management Plan was developed and implemented to ensure minimal disturbance to the local wallaby population, encouraging their safe migration to their long term habitat of Moore’s Gully.

Biotropica continue to monitor the effectiveness of the Wallaby Management Plan as the Bluewater project develops. The Bluewater Development Approval can be found on Cairns Regional Council’s website.