Meet The Locals: The Pavey Family

“We tell our friends all of the time how much we love it here,” says Kate Pavey. “It’s just so different to where – and how – we grew up.”

Sitting in the Pavey’s kitchen in Bluewater, Kate smiles fondly as she reminisces over the past decade. Originally from England, Kate and Ali Pavey met in Australia as backpackers before moving home to live together in London. But Australia was always on their minds, and they knew it would be a great lifestyle.

“We were living together in London when Ali had the opportunity to relocate his job,” remembers Kate. “He worked for a worldwide firm and we asked to move to Sydney.”

After spending eight years in Sydney with their two young children, the Pavey’s decided it was time for a quieter life with a better work-life balance. “We both worked in the city, and we spent almost an hour each way commuting every day,” said Kate.

Taking advantage of the Sydney housing boom and the value of their house, they decided to sell up and purchase a home at Trinity Beach in April 2016. They wanted a place to raise their growing family in a community environment where they knew their neighbours, and they found it at Bluewater.

“We needed more family time and less stress,” says Kate. “And that’s what we’ve found here at Bluewater.”

With the beach only a three-minute drive from their home, the Pavey’s spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors with their two young daughters. From walking along the beach in the evening or after school to going for a swim, there’s plenty of opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather – a privilege that Kate and Ali didn’t have growing up in England.

“I’m from the outskirts of London in a small village called Little Chalfont in Buckinghamshire,” says Kate. “And Ali is from Bournemouth on the South Coast, in Dorset. We didn’t have this growing up.”

With the beach almost on their doorstep and the rainforest on the other side, the Pavey’s are spoilt for choice with the beauty of the Australian landscape.

“It’s just – it’s absolutely amazing. We love it so much,” says Kate. “It’s just the best decision we ever made.”